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GC Gida
GC Gida was established on 1985 by Cevat Genç in İstanbul. Today The company which has a highly specialized workforce more 150 people, operates from it's 7.000 m2 factory which is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. We export our products to more than 15 countries.
In 1985: In 1985: The company entered the Turkish market, importing such products as Roquefort, Maasdam, Edam, Gouda, Smoked Cheese, Parmesan, Fruit Yogurt, Brie and Camambert, from France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Denmark, among other European countries.

In 1995:  Starting cheese production in addition to importing, our company began to produce and market many new cheese products for the first time in Turkey under the Trakya Çiftliği brand.

In 2002 : Continuing its operations with its expert staff in its 7000 m 2 facility on İstanbul's Kemerburgaz Street, our company launched its private label productions alongside its Trakya Çiftliği and Marmara Çiftliği brands,beginning to serve in various national supermarket chains.

In 2009 : Recognizing the brand awareness value of our company, Bongrain and Esas Holding offered a request for acquisition. Owning the Trakya Çiftliği brand for three years, Bongrain and Esas Holding made substantial investments, aiming to raise the profile of the brand.

In 2012 :  With Bongrain deciding to withdraw from the Turkish market, it parted ways with Esas Holding, and the brand was transferred to GC Gida under the previous management. Having re-acquired the brand, our company continues its import and export operations, as well as the production of specific and private label products at full capacity.

In 2017:  With the machinery investments started by the French management, two UHT production lines began full capacity production. The UHT production line currently produces Cream Cheese, Cheese Triangles and Block Cheese. As a result of the meticulous R&D work of our expert staff, new products specific to the export market have been formulated. Particularly, our offerings to the Middle East market since 2017, being household tastes for the region,have become well-known products with wide demand thanks to their standard of quality.
We do Private Label
"We make private label according to the wishes of our customers. "